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I am currently (May 2018) using jAlbum v13.8  However, some of the web albums may have been created using an earlier version.

Lily Hill   During 2006, a group of the Orion 2 design team, lead by Gordon Harvey, got together to try to document the Orion 2 project,  Later that year we also had an opportunity to have a look around Lily Hill House where the design and commissioning of the prototype took place.  Here are photos of some of the people involved together with some of Lily Hill House itself.

Minsmere   In July 2005, we went to Minsmere.

WWT Washington and Bempton   After our visit to the Farne Islands, we stopped off at WWT Washington and then went on to Bempton Cliffs before heading home.

Farne Islands   The record of a magnificent day on two of the Farne Islands in June 2005.

Five Owls   We went to Norfolk on a trip organised to see all 5 species of owl found in the UK.  We found just the little owl!

Barnes (Jan 2005)   Pictures from our visit to the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust site at Barnes, London in January 2005.

Canterbury   Returning from a birding visit to Dungeness, we visited Canterbury Cathedral.

Christmas 2004   Some family photos from Christmas 2004.

Italy 2002   Pictures from our trip to Italy in September 2002.

Norway (July 2002)   Pictures taken during out visit to Norway in 2002.

Mayford (March 2002)   Now largely neglected, this site was intended to show pictures taken in Mayford during the various seasons of the year.

Bluetit Pages   If you are interested in garden birds, this is the site for you. It contains a diary covering each breeding season for the bluetits here inour garden at Mayford, Surrey.

Digiscope   These pictures were taken sometime ago when we first got a Nikon Coolpix 4500 to go with our Swarovski 'scope.

Family History   This site contains the present knowledge about Elizabeth and my family history.  Research continues intermittently.

Slides   One of my completed long term projects was to scan the better of the 35mm slides that Elizabeth & I took from 1958 until we reverted to colour negatives in 1985.  They come in two batches - 1958-73 and 1973-85  There is also the best of the slides that Dad took.   I will now have to attempt the best of the colour negatives!

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