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  • <i>Dolycoris baccarum</i><br>Sloe Shield Bug<br /> width:460;;height:547
  • Wildflowers<br />Ox-eye Daises, Red Clover, Lady's Mantle, Common Sorrel, Field Scabious, Ribwort Plantain, Meadow Buttercup and Common Catsear width:600;;height:800
  • <i>Primula veris</i><br>Cowslips.<br /> width:600;;height:800
  • <i>Anas platyrhynchos</i><br>Mallards occasional visitors to the pond. width:1024;;height:768
  • <i>Pilosella officinarum</i><br>Mouse-ear Hawkweed - a typical acid grassland species. width:600;;height:800
  • <i>Primula vulgaris</i><br>Primroses - the Prima Rosa - the first flower of spring. width:800;;height:600
  • Sunhill House in 2006 width:600;;height:800
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