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  • <i>Polyommatus icarus</i><br>Common Blue - a pair mating in the grassland. width:1024;;height:768
  • <i>Thelephora terrestris</i><br>Earth Fan - a fungus growing on the roots of a diseased Lime tree. width:1000;;height:750
  • <i>Sarcophaga carnaria</i><br>Flesh Fly - this beautifully coloured fly is attracted to light coloured clothing and white paper.<br /> width:1024;;height:768
  • Cherry log that has been thoroughly tunnelled by Stag beetle larvae.<br /> width:1024;;height:768
  • <i>Amanita rubescens</i><br>The blusher - rather dehydrated specimens.<br /> width:1024;;height:768
  • <i>Boletus chrysenteron</i><br>Red-cracking Bolete width:1024;;height:768
  • Robin's pincushion. a growth on a rose bush caused by the gall wasp <i>Diplolepis rosae.</i><br /> width:1024;;height:768
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